Uğurcan Elektrik | Elektrik Taahhüt
Our company produces industrial solutions ideal for customers with expert staff and technological equipment.
Factory, building public housing, hospitals, schools, business center, shopping center as many plant L.V., M.V. and low current systems
Our commitment Department Activities:
Lighting Systems:
The establishment of the ideal lighting system with lighting calculations prepared on computers.

Strong Current and M.V. Systems:
Factory building and the strong current and M.V. The establishment of system designing .

Uğurcan Elektrik | Proje Müşavirlik

Ugurcan Electric In This Context;
M.V. and substations consultancy services
Harmonic measurement services and filtration solutions
Reactive power compensation measures and appropriate solutions
Ground resistance measurements and solutions
5000 V / 4000 MOhm up to insulation test measurements
Measurement of luminous intensity and the required solutions
Energy cost metrics
offers consulting and engineering services in the area .

Ugurcan Electric | Operation and Maintenance

Our company works carried out in the electrical contracting ;
Type A Business – Maintenance: The company electro - mechanical systems continuously for 24 hours set the work, periodick maintance making, detection and repair of faults

Type B Business – Maintenance: The company electro - mechanical systems during working hours set the work, periodick maintance making, detection and repair of faults

Type C Business – Maintenance: TThe company electro - mechanical systems periodick maintance making . detection and repair of faults.

Uğurcan Elektrik | Mekanik Taahhüt

Our company has domestic and abroad ;
- Shopping Center,
- Factories,
- Hotels,
- Hospital,
Such as large scale Airport Terminal buildings ;
- Fire,
- Waste Water,
- Clean Water and Air,
Made of air-conditioning and automatic control systems, commissioning and in working or delivered .



  • Electric Contracting 97%
  • Project Consultancy 96%%
  • Operation and Maintenance 99%
  • Mechanical Contracting 100%

Why Ugurcan ?


Ugurcan Electric the materials used , labor and working with is a company specialized.

Ugurcan Electric a great many corporations have done successfully and the electrical contracting business day is added to the portfolio in increasingly more.

Ugurcan Electric his work and working with gives confidence to customers.

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